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 Noob help intro

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PostSubject: Noob help intro   Noob help intro Icon_minitimeWed Apr 06, 2011 6:37 pm

Ask questions about in-game stuff here
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PostSubject: Re: Noob help intro   Noob help intro Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 2:46 am

Edite By Admin Shadow: this Is in answer to a diffrent game called Eden Eternal, but I am keeping it for......say Nostalgic perposes? Pleas ignore this. I appoligise for any inconvence

First of all..

You get the quest starting at 20. Now, this quest will take you to Aven, and lead you into the crafting area.

Here, you will follow through several quests to show you how to gather items.

After you are finished, from there, you need to go to the Mineral, Agricultural or Summon Merchants to buy 'commissions' to gather items from the Farmer, Miner and Summoner. These items vary in rarity and lvl, so pay attention.

As for the recipes, many NPCs sell them, just look for the Scroll icon on the mini-map. Each scroll costs money, or gold for higher levels. On the scroll is says what it requires to make.

When you have farmed the materials, go to the Molder, he's the first npc you see when entering the crafting area. Give him the scroll, then make the item with the required mats.

Now, for 30+ armors and weapons, you will need to gather Monsters drops from lvl 30-39, these drops are very rare, and can take quite some time to farm up. A full set for a mage is nearly 30 Terrified Thoughts, and the weapon itself need 20.

Crafting is expensive, but the items easily last 10+ levels to the new teir or dungeon gear with +'s. Be prepared to spend around 50+ gold at lvl 20, 90+ at 30, and so on so forth as the recepies cost more and the materials harder to obtain.

But that is crafting in a nutshell.
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Noob help intro
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